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Walkera Tali APM Conversion

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APM Tali
Walkera Tali APM Conversion


This machine was built from the ground up around a Walkera Tali frame, no other walkera electronics exist inside apart from the receiver. We started with a bare walkera shell and motors and fitted a GENUINE 3DR APM 2.6 Flight controller and a M8N GPS Chip this has been fully set up and configured so this machine can do waypoints, position hold, ALT hold RTH Return to Home as well as many many other modes. It has fully telemetry via a 433MHz down link so the drone can be fully controlled via the mission planner or tower APP on your phone or tablet. This would be an ideal machine for an enthusiast who is keen to learn about open source flight controllers and wants to learn all about mission planner. This machine has been fully tested and flown 2 or 3 times to tune and calibrate, it will fly right out the box with no setup required. The option to change 100's parameters to literally make this drone do anything all exist in the software.

The machine is fitted with the walkera G3D gimbal and the Ilook + 1080p Camera, its also supplied with a DEVO 10 Channel transmitter and 1x 6s 5000mah battery.

What you get:-

1x Custom Built Tali APM Hexacopter

1x Dev 10 Transmitter

1x iLook+ 1080p Camera

1x G3D Gimbal

1x 6S 5000mAh Battery


Fully GPS Functionallity Position hold, return to home, circle, loiter etc etc

Retractable landing sikds

Fully Telemetry to APP on Phone/Tablet

2 Axis Camera Stabilization

1080p Camera

Video Downlink

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