Racing Drone Parts

Racing Drone Parts

Racing drone parts is a fast evolving category, we are constantly updating this section as the tech changes

 Here you can start with selecting your RC drone frame, once done then we will offer you up suitable ESC's & Motors. Then you can choose from the many flight controllers we have whether its a Naze or a Pixhawk, next choice is RX/TX radio system or do you already have one? If so simply skip that section. Now the fun begins FPV....... First person view choose you camera CCD.... Mobius, Gopro? VTX (Video transmitter) this gets the video signal from air to ground and is essential for FPV flying. So how you going to view the video FATSHARKS!!! or VRX Video Receiver kicking out to a FPV monitor? Decisions Decisions!!! Don't worry were almost done just props and batteries to go....lets see how many do i need  #LOTS

 Now the most important decision of ALL.....Am i going to build it? do i have the skills? Do i have the tools? What will i need?

 The first thing you going to need is plenty time, you will spend more time online researching, pondering and procrastinating than building the drone at first. You will often be up at 3am on a tangent reading a thread on a forum about an issue some guy had with his PWM range. You will have a constant google window open just to search abbreviations like GUI, PPM,PWM, FC, ESC,GSC, VTX, VRX, OSD, TX, RX and many more. Once your brain has shorted with data overload and worry your going blown up you FC before it even beeps, you will come to the conclusion you just need to man up and get on with it. So where to start? Soldering? Wiring? Flashing? Configuration? Mode Switch Assignment? A lot to learn........

 Or simply CLICK...... BUILD IT!!!

 Sleep tight and rest easy your drone will arrive in a box fully built, configured, set up, tested and working with nice simple instructions for you to read!!! 

 Let the drone experts build you the drone your mates will envy......especially the ones with DJI's :)


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