QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit

QAV X210 4mm X Frame

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  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame
  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Kit
  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame kIT
  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit,
  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit esc
  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit, 4 EMAX 2300 S Motors, ESC,F3 FC,PDB
  • QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit, 4 EMAX 2300 S Motors, ESC,F3 FC,PDB,Props
QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit

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QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit

sku: QAV X210 RACE KIT

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QAV X210 4mm X Frame,Racing Drone Kit 

EMAX 2300S Motors, BLheliS ESC,F3 FC,Matek PDB,DAL Props

We have put together a full racing Kit for the QAV X210 frame

QAV X210 4mm Carbon Fiber X Frame


The QAV X210 is built for racing. A symmetrical X, light weight, super stiff  frame designed for high performance FPV Drone Racing. 

Full 3K Carbon Fiber frame.
Optional 3mm or 4mm frame arms.
Dual purpose FPV and HD camera mounting solution.
Compact size for 5" propellers, 214mm motor to motor.
Multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors (M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns).
LiPo battery protection plate included.
Support to carry HD camera at 35 degree angle(such as the GoPro 4, Mobius, etc).
Lightweight and rigid

EMAX Skyline32 Flight Controller-Advanced V2 

The EMAX Skyline32 runs the open-source Cleanflight flight control (FC) software which has an ever-growing community of friendly developers and users. this new revision now has the following advantages

Cleanflight comes with a detailed manual that is reviewed and maintained by the Cleanflight developers and community.

 Cleanflight or Baseflight firmware, both supported by this board
 SKYLINE32 is loaded with Baseflight-Configurator
 Unique wire-to-board connectors, wiring made easier
 Thin and light design, reducing overall weight saving mounting space
 With compass sensor; no deviation
 Adapting high quality electronic components & high precision SMT

 32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3V / 72MHZ
 With gyro, compass, extended reservation position for accelerometer, barometer
 Manual mode, Angle mode, Horizon mode, heading hold mode, head-free mode, Altitude hold mode (this mode is available in advanced version)
 Support Quad-,Tri-,Hex- ,various multirotors
 Flexible RC input: standard, CPPM (PPM SUM)
 Micro-USB: Flashing firmware & adjusting parameter
 Parameters adjustment interface: Baseflight-Configuration
 GPS position hold / “Go home” function(GPS Optional)

4x Emax RS2205S 2300KV Racing Edition Brushless Motor

The completely redesigned RS2205-S is upgraded with features racing multirotors absolutely need. The motor is lighter, yields faster bell rotational response, higher thrust, uses premium materials and backed with EMAX's legendary production quality.

Lighter and Lower Profile

2 grams lighter than the first version of the RS2205, the RS2205-S is a 2205 motor which has been overhauled for the weight conscious racer. The bell has been redesigned to have a lower profile without sacrificing the structural integrity of the motor. This eliminates unnecessary mass and allows quicker rotational response of the bell. The shorter motor height allows a lower center of gravity closer to the mounting point.


 The all new BLHeli_S versions of the popular Little Bee ESCs deliving a "smooth as silk" throttle response. With all the great features of the 20A Little Bees, this 30A variant gives you the headroom needed for powerful 6" 4S setups.

These ESCs now supprt up to 6S LiPos and are capable of handling 30A current with up to 10s 35A bursts.

Don't forget - these ESCs have no BEC so you will still need a 5V power source for your flight controller, receiver, etc.


Hardware PWM - smoother and more responsive motor response
Solder Pads for motor wires
Pre-Flashed with BLHeli_S Firmware
Oneshot125 available - Faster communication between flight controller
Damped Light Always Enabled
2-6S support with 30A continuous load and 35A peak (10 seconds)
Bootloader Enabled - you can flash new firmware and configure settings via USB using the servo cable (requires USB linker)


Included 90 degree XT60 Connector

The PDB-XT60 has been engineered to provide the highest possible performance and reliability in a 36*50mm & 4 layers PCB. It distributes power from a LiPo pack to 6 ESCs, as well as providing synchronised & regulated DC 5V outputs & linear regulated DC 12V for powering Cameras, Servos, RC receiver, Flight Controllers, Video Transmitters, LEDs, etc.

It offers a XT60 socket to connect the LiPo pack conveniently.

2x DAL 5045 V2  Bullnose Props

 Perfect for your 210+ sized mini racing drone! V2 5045 Bullnose props will provide smooth flight while providing more than enough power for punch outs.

 PC + glass fiber material is made of a high quality, flexible and durable plastic that can easily survive crashes and tree clips.

DAL Props are much stronger than other 4″,5″,6” Props like Gemfan, HQProps and others

V2 5045 Bullnose have a thicker hub connection, which is perfect for racing. V2 also spin at higher RPMs

2 PACKS = 8 PROPS 4x CW + 4x CCW