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Powervision PowerRay Explorer

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Powervision PowerRay Explorer
Powervision PowerRay Explorer


Explore the Underwater World

PowerRay is changing the underwater world for all future. This portable, diving robot opens up the magical scenery beneath the surface for photographers and cinematographers, explorers, sports enthusiasts and fishers. With a diving time of four hours, a diving depth of 30 meters, sonar fish finder and a great 4K 30 fps camera, the PowerRay is the water product you’ve been waiting for.

For an even more realistic diving experience, use the Powervision Edition of the ZEISS VR ONE Plus glasses.


While drones dominate the air, what’s under the water? Capturing amazing visuals at 4K and redefining how you fish, the PowerRay Underwater Drone from PowerVision is the Kraken that is about to strike down how you tackle things under the water.


With a sleek design, the PowerRay can travel for up to four hours at its slowest cruising speed, letting you get in some solid shots of underwater activity, whether it’s for a video project or a fishing trip. It streams up to 1080p in real time to your iOS or Android device that you’ve connected (and hooked onto the controller for optimum viewing), even when at depths of 30 meters.

Built-in Camera 4K AND VR SUPPORT

The 4K Camera shoots at a maximum of 30fps, giving you a brilliant, cinematic look as you dive below in search of something amazing to film.

Taking it on your holidays or beaches, throwing it into the sea and seeing below is another level above other drones that take to the skies. This high quality camera can be then utilised with Powervision Edition of the Zeiss VR One Plus goggles or other brand smart device VR goggles, giving you a brilliant experience to share either live in person or prerecorded for later use. fman in goggles


While producing high quality, 4K UHD video, the PowerRay also shoots photos at 12 Megapixels, with a Burst mode to ensure that you don’t miss that perfect shot in the instant something amazing happens under the water. All this is stored on a 32GB or 64GB SD Card, that’s safely stored inside the waterproof chassis. PowerVision's Overview of the PowerRay Connectivity Solutions


The drone is also connected to a 160ft-210ft tether (depending on versions), giving you direct access to the power source and the Wi-Fi transmitter, as signals won't travel too far underwater. This gives you a reliable connection at all times. side view Hardware and Connections 4K


The included camera sits on a sturdy gimbal, giving you perfect shots wifi


A constant, reliable connection, even when in the depths sd card


Takes up to 32GB or 64GB of storage on an SD Card Icon 1 4K VIDEO, 12MP CAMERA Stunning 4K UHD Video on a 12 Megapixel camera burst


Burst shots at 5fps to capture every moment when you need it

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