FrSky 4 Channel S.BUS to PWM Decoder

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  • FrSky 4 Channel S.BUS to PWM Decoder
FrSky 4 Channel S.BUS to PWM Decoder

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FrSky 4-Channel S.BUS to PWM Decoder

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FrSky 4-Channel S.BUS to PWM Decoder



The FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder converts a S.BUS signal to a standard PWM signal as used by regular analog or digital servos. This is required where you wish to use the S.BUS receiver protocol from a S.BUS compatable receiver to drive a non-S.BUS servo.  

The S.BUS protocol comes in handy when you have a number if servo's and you wish to minimize the servo leads.  It's particularly handy when connecting a receiver to applicable autopilots like the DIY Drone APM.

In addition, many receivers only support up to 8 standard PWN servo ports however provide extra ports via the S.BUS. For example, the FrSky X8R provides 8 PWN ports but up to 16 S.BUS ports. 

You can choose to buy expensive S.BUS compatable servos or alterntively this item allows you to use up to four of your model's existing standard servos and still get the benefits of S.Bus.

You can independently programme each servo to a S.Bus channel of your choice while only having to connect one input lead from your receiver. You will require a FrSky Servo Channel Changer (sold seperately) to change the default channel assignment.